Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice

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How to Play:


You are a zombie.

The dice represent humans. You want their brains. Take 3 out of the cup (without looking), and then roll them.


You want brains!

Each time you roll a brain, set it aside. They count for points. If you roll any feet, they got away. If you chose to roll again, you will draw up to three dice and roll again.


Don't Get Shotgunned!

As you roll, each shotgun blast you get must be set aside. So push your luck, but not too far! If you get three blasts, your turn ends and you lose all of the brains (points) you earned that turn.


Eat 13 Brains and Win!

Add up your brains each round. When someone reaches 13 (or more!), everyone else gets one more chance. The zombie with the most brains wins!