About Us

SBT's truly began when I was a child in the 80's. The creative genius of toymakers, of comic artists and writers, of game designers fascinated me and triggered a wild imagination. I quickly realized that I had pretty limited artistic ability, but I wanted to surround myself with the creations of those that did. 

Fast forward a decade or so and I find myself in a heartless job in a ruthless industry. The bills gotta be paid! I wore.....dress pants. Every. Day. Dress pants. What I wouldn't give to bust outta those puppies like the Hulk. But there are bills to pay. During these dark times, 2 beacons of light appear. My son and my daughter brought back the sense of excitement and wonder that I'd lost. Plus...and this is a huge plus, I reintroduced myself to the comics and collectibles I loved! I was full on living through my children at this point. 

Eventually we got to the point where we had a pretend comic and game shop in the basement. I spent hours down there daydreaming. And I mean...I was pretty good at running that shop! My only 2 customers were throwing fake money at me constantly! My daughter named the shop SquishaBilly Twists for reasons we still don't understand to this day. 

Queue life changing moment.

We're eating dinner after a particularly tough day at work. We talk about playing comic shop afterwards. I mention that I wish that was my real job. My kids, making more sense than I've ever heard before casually say "Dad, why wouldn't you do what makes you happy, isn't that the most important thing?" I should mention that this was at a time where I was notified of some health complications that made every wasted moment feel even more foolish than normal.

It's so simple! So I quit my job immediately and opened SBT's! Ok no....the process was actually a very long period of saving money, clearing debt and slowly stockpiling product. BUT THEN I quit my job and opened the store you see today!

SBT's isn't about money (I know...they all say that). SBT's is about sharing a feeling. It's the feeling you get when you pick up that toy you always wanted. It's the feeling that gives you goosebumps when the comic you're reading throws a curveball at you. It's opening a pack of cards and nailing the case hit. It's playing a new game with old friends or coming in and meeting new ones. 

My family and I live this store. It's a part of us. And we are absolutely honored to get to share it with you.